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3 Symptoms of an Inefficient Furnace in Hershey, PA

Furnaces grow less efficient with time, as it’s a natural effect of the wear and tear they endure over the years. That’s why it’s critical to monitor your furnace and replace or repair it as immediately as you discover any problems. If you detect any of these indicators of an inefficient furnace in your Hershey, PA, home, it’s time to act:

Utility Bills Are Expensive

An ineffective furnace doesn’t efficiently burn fuel. This will raise your winter heating expenditures. Regular heating services, such as monthly air filter replacements, will let your furnace operate at peak efficiency. However, growing utility expenditures without a thermostat adjustment or a considerable drop in external temperature might be the result of a faulty and ineffective furnace.

Furnace Constantly Runs

Frequent cycling indicates that the furnace isn’t working properly. If your furnace needs to run continuously to heat your house, it could have a pilot or burner problem. A maintenance check will likely increase the efficiency of the furnace.

You may also find that after adjusting the thermostat, the furnace takes longer to heat your Hershey, PA, house. If your house still isn’t at the correct temperature after one hour, it might be due to an inefficient furnace.

Furnace Blows Cold Air

This indicator may be obvious, yet many homeowners ignore it in the belief that the situation will resolve itself. You’re wasting money if your furnace is blasting cool air. Even if the system ultimately heats up but blasts cold air till it does, you have to contact an HVAC professional to determine if a replacement is due or whether your furnace only needs repairing.

You should ideally schedule heating system maintenance once or twice annually to enable your Hershey, PA, home to remain warm during the cold winter months. Contact Precision LLC to have one of our skilled, licensed HVAC experts inspect your furnace.

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