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4 Ways to Boost HVAC Efficiency When Temperatures Rise in Hershey, PA

During the summer in Hershey, PA, everyone thinks about how wonderful an air-conditioned home feels. However, competing with that appreciation is a slow dread of how much it’ll cost as temperatures reach their peak. Here are four ways to boost HVAC efficiency and keep costs down while the temps continue climbing:

Keep Your Air Filters Clean

Air filters are easy and inexpensive to replace yet are often forgotten and neglected. They dramatically decrease the efficiency of your HVAC system when they get dirty, driving up energy consumption and increasing the risk of AC repairs.

The average filter needs replacement about every 90 days. Your specific filter type and indoor air quality affect its effective service life. Extend its service life by checking it monthly and changing it as needed.

Clean and Use Your Ventilation Fans

Humidity plays an incredibly important role in maintaining comfort over the summer. Bathing, cooking, doing dishes and even laundry can drive up the humidity in your home. Be sure to use your ventilation fans to help lower the humidity and relieve the stress on your AC system.

Program Your Thermostat

If you have a programmable thermostat, set it to run less during hours you’re asleep or away from the house. You can save 10% on annual utility costs by implementing an appropriate program. Even seven or eight degrees for about eight hours a day will make a big difference – about 2% to 3% per degree.

Schedule HVAC Maintenance

A major contributor to HVAC inefficiency is a lack of maintenance, leading to faulty components or airflow restrictions. A service technician will clean your evaporator coil, condensing coils and circulating fan during maintenance. They will also test your refrigerant level and all your components to make sure everything is operating optimally.

Don’t let your air conditioner eat your bank account for lunch this summer. Call to schedule your HVAC maintenance with our experts at Precision LLC today.

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